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Let's see how to use the generator to create a color palette.




The main space of the Generator is occupied by the palette colors displayed in 2 to 10 columns.

On the top-right corner, you have the menu bar where you can access all the main functionalities.

On the right side, you can see (if it's opened) the Palettes Sidebar. Here's is where you will find all your saved palettes but also all the palettes available in Coolors made by other users.


Basic usage 

The very first thing to do is pressing the spacebar. Every time you do it you get a color palette chosen by the generator.

Once you find a color that you like you can click on the lock icon on that column to lock the color in place. So that if you press the spacebar again all the other colors are replaced except for the color you locked. The new colors are selected to match perfectly with the locked colors you like.

By repeating this click/spacebar action you can get to the final palette very quickly.

You can also drag the columns around to reorder the colors.

If you want to work with less or more than 5 colors you can click on either the cross icon to remove a color or on the add icon to add it between two columns. If you keep pressing on the add button you can even choose the number of colors to add. This is a super cool way for creating gradient palettesLearn more


Use your own colors


You can also include your own colors in the palette and ask Coolors to provide you the other matching ones. To do so click on the HEX value of a color to open the Color Inspector. You can then input your color in several different values like RGB, CMYK, LAB, HSB and even popular color libraries like Pantone® and Copic®. Here is also where you can find your saved favorited colors.


Other features

If you want to extract the colors from an image and make a palette in this way just click on the camera icon on the menu bar to open the Image Picker

After you're happy with the final result you can, if you want, refine the entire palette by adjusting its brightness, saturation, hue, and temperature. Learn more

A very handy tool available in the generator is the Color Blindness tool. It allows you to understand how your colors will be perceived by people with color deficiencies


Last step

Now that your palette is finally ready you can either export or save it into your account.


Watch this video to see the Generator in action!

Generate a palette
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