Fabrizio Bianchi

Your saved palettes are accessible in both the Generate and Explore pages by clicking on the hamburger menu button on the top-right corner of the window.

In the Palettes Sidebar that opens you can fin two tabs:

  • Explore: where you can browse all the palettes available on Coolors
  • Library: where you can see your personal palettes

By clicking on the select input All palettes you can filter them by project, collection, color, and style. Colors and styles are automatically detected and associated with your palettes.

You can also search for a palette name or tag by clicking on the search button next to the select input.

If you click on a palette this can be either opened in the generator or in the Palette Inspector, it depends on the page you are at.

By clicking on the three dots, near the palette name, you can instead access additional actions like edit, export, delete and duplicate.


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