Fabrizio Bianchi

Coolors is currently available as:

  • Website: it's the best place to enjoy the super-cool color palettes Generator with all the features we've released so far like the Image Picker, Collage Maker, Color Blindness, Palette Adjust and more. On the Explore page, you can also browse more than 1 million ready-made color palettes organized by color and style.
  • iOS App: with the last release we've brought most of the functionalities to your iPhone or iPad. Now you can take a picture to extract colors, pick colors from the swatches libraries and use the app side by side with your favorite drawing app, like Procreate.
  • Adobe Extension: this add-on brings Coolors right into your everyday workspaces like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Generate, save and use your palettes without leaving the application.
  • Chrome Extension: either if you're creating a lovely birthday card on Canva or a killer UI design on Figma with this extension your colors are always with you.
  • Android App: we're working on it!

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